Jerry Stritzke has worked in luxury retail for some time. From Victoria’s Secret to Coach, he’s an expert at running specialty brands effectively. He didn’t just eek by during the recession; he actually managed to nearly double Coach’s profitability during that time, bringing it from $2.6 billion all the way up to $5.1 billion in his five years as COO.

Jerry Stritzke

IMG: via REI

But now the specialty business guru is getting involved in a different kind of luxury: outdoors. Recreational Equipment Incorporated (REI) is known for being one of the most reliable sources for outdoors equipment—and after former CEO Sally Jewell left to serve as U.S. Secretary of the Interior in April, REI was in need of new leadership.

After a four-month search, REI announced that they had found Jewell’s successor—Jerry Stritzke. He’s got big shoes to fill with his new role. Will he be able to effectively lead REI? Check out our complete profile on Jerry Stritzke to decide for yourself.