“Where Revolutions Begin.”

That’s how 1776 sees itself: a company helping startups change the world.

1776 is a startup for startups, a place where entrepreneurs go to grow, to thrive and to make an impact that is felt for years to come.

1776 Profile1776 is a Washington, DC based company that connects new businesses with the resources they need, from financial capital to human capital, mentorship to media hits. Startups focusing on education, politics, energy, government and health care all use 1776 as a source for knowledge and aid, a backbone if you will, to achieve success in their early stages of life.

1776 is the brainchild of Evan Burfield and Donna Harris, two seasoned entrepreneurs hoping to use their experience with building companies and communities for the greater good. Having worked as both startup founders and investors, Burfield and Harris know exactly what customers (and investors) want and what startups truly need to succeed. Their job is to make sure startups realize it.

Evan Burfield has been an entrepreneur since 1996, just out of high school, when he founded netDecide, a provider of enterprise wealth management solutions for high-end financial service firms. From there he served as the Director of Strategy and Technology for Oakwood Global Finance, then went on to found Synteractive, a consulting firm that builds social apps for startups (a great precursor for 1776), corporations and government agencies.

Donna Harris has a resume that would make any entrepreneur beg to work with her. She was the founder and CEO of Kinderstreet, a SaaS solutions sales firm for education, sports and recreation markets. She served as Vice President of Strategic Planning, Marketing and Product Management for the web-based Health and Human Services clinic Centromine, as well as Vice Chair of Interpoint Group, a government markets and relations management firm. Prior to 1776, Harris served as Managing Director at the Startup America Partnership – leading the Startup Regions Initiative – focusing on entrepreneurial ecosystems across the U.S.

These two powerhouses, along with their team of seasoned professionals, are making 1776 the go-to spot for anyone who wants to make their startup a global success.