Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club

Michael Dublin, founder of Dollar Shave Club.

It’s amazing what a little marketing can do.

Just two years ago Michael Dubin created an online store for men’s razors. Today the Dollar Shave Club has 650,000 customers paying anywhere from $1 to $9 a month for a selection of razors. It has also raised close to $23 million to keep growing.

It isn’t the razors, however, that got the Dollar Shave Club noticed. Last year, the company introduced the “One Wipe Charlie,” a bathroom wipe specifically targeted toward men. It sold 20,000 of them in one month. Dubin’s obvious enthusiasm for the product is probably why:

“Great things happen when your ass feels fantastic,” he said. “We want to service your face, ass and everything in between. This is a great way for us to make that bold statement that we want to own the bathroom.”

But all jokes aside, his business savvy played a part.

“More people wipe butts than shave,” he said. “If our strategy is really to own the bathroom, it makes sense for us to move into toilet paper.”

The Dollar Shave Club is smart. The company is crass, it is funny, and it knows who the target audience is. DSC offers quality razors at a discount price (and we all know how expensive those things are) that are replaced every month—not only keeping your razors fresh, but also saving your precious time by not having to go buy them yourselves.

If you’re a man (or you have a man in your life), the Dollar Shave Club is worth checking out. If nothing else, at least you’ll get a few laughs.

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