Christine Marchese

At just 29, Christine Marchese has found a way to greatly impact the world. Two years ago Marchese founded Picture Motion, an organization of social impact strategists using film to inspire change.

Christine Marchese

IMG: Christine Marchese via LinkedIn

Picture Motion works with film makers, distributors and nonprofits to work on campaigns that raise awareness, educate and motivate audiences to be active, engaged citizens. Marchese’s brainchild gives a platform to activists and social change agents looking to share their causes with the world.

Last year Marchese helped market Fruitvale Station, a film about the racially-charged killing of a San Francisco man by a police officer, and the movie went on to gross more than $16 million worldwide. Projects such as this keep Marchese motivated as she continues to push Picture Motion at the forefront of media activism.

Marchese has an extensive background in social activism and storytelling. Previously, she was head of engagement and campaign development for Righteous Pictures, and led digital strategy for Participant Media, where she worked on films such as “Waiting for Superman.”

As a public speaker she has shared the importance of social change and media influence with the world – from panels at South by Southwest and the Sundance Film Festival to the Peruvian government and youth groups in Pakistan. She began her career running online campaign development for Norman Lear’s youth civic participation nonprofit, Declare Yourself, and spent time at Human Rights Watch and the International Rescue Committee.

Christine Marchese’s latest success was coordinating more than 700 home viewings for the documentary “Inequality for All,” where audiences were invited to participate in a conference call with economist Robert Reich and U.S. senator Elizabeth Warren, discussing ways to combat the issues presented in the film.