Staring down the historic “Charging Bull” on Wall Street is the “Fearless Girl,” a bronze sculpture of a fierce little girl made by Kristen Visbal in New York. The 50-inch girl was installed with a temporary permit in March 2017 after being commissioned by State Street Global Advisors, or SSgA, to publicize their index fund that incorporated gender-diverse companies with a high percentage of women in leadership positions.

However, by the end of 2018, “Fearless Girl” is set to move to a spot facing the New York Stock Exchange, according to National Public Radio. While the bull has been a popular photo spot for years, the introduction of the 250-pound “Fearless Girl” statue also introduced larger crowds that contributed to safety hazards in the street.

“Also, after the deadly attack with a truck last year in Lower Manhattan, officials said they worried that crowds around the two statues could present a tempting target for a terrorist behind the wheel,” according to the New York Times.

At the new location facing the New York Stock Exchange, there are a lot of pedestrians, but little in the way of car traffic. The “Fearless Girl” statue is set to stay in New York for years to come, but some controversy still surrounds the installation.

One recent example was a 2017 investigation of the commissioning firm that unveiled their women and black workers were underpaid. The case was settled for $5 million. Other critiques of the statue, such as Rose Friedman from NPR, argue that the little girl statue patronizes American womanhood. The creator of the “Charging Bull” statue also has griefs about how the young girl statue changes the meaning of his own work. Instead of the bull symbolizing strength, it’s now viewed as a villain.

Regardless of controversy, the statue is set to “come home” to the same place it was originally removed from in 1989. And as long as the statue’s new placement doesn’t contribute to any more safety hazards, the “Fearless Girl” will make the New York Stock Exchange her permanent home.

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