Whenever we meet someone new, we can form an impression of them within the first couple of seconds of being introduced to them. Initial impressions are made so quickly, how can we ensure we make a good one? Whether it’s prepping for a friend’s dinner party or a new job interview, it can be nerve-wracking  thinking about the importance of putting your best foot forward. Here are a few tips to do just that.

  1. Know your Audience. Who are you hoping to impress? Do your research on them and know a bit about them. It can make the situation, especially one that is like an interview, much easier. See if you have anything or anyone in common and try to drop them into the conversation as naturally as possible.
  2. Practice and always be prepared. Don’t memorize every instance of body language you want to express or every saying you think is impressive because you’ll become robotic. But practice what it is you want to say, and how it is you want to be viewed. Being prepared will make you feel calm and that will lead to a better impression.
  3. Always look the part. Make sure you are cleaned up and looking nice. Although we all know beauty is subjective, we all can tell what someone’s best looks like. Be comfortable and confident in your own skin.
  4. Use that smile! Body language is huge when first meeting someone and smiling is the most universally recognized indication that you are friendly and approachable. That will make a good impression on people and show that you are an easy-to-get-along-with human being. Smiling can also improve your overall attitude, and will ensure that you are perceived as a positive, put-together person.