TIKD is a startup that will help fight your traffic tickets by doing all the dirty work—which includes court appearances and paying off fines. TIKD will act as your proxy while you sit back and try not to fall into another speeding trap.

This is how it works: You download the TIKD app and enter the amount of your ticket, along with a picture of the citation. You then pay the TIKD fee (which is less than the ticket itself) and TIKD takes it from there. TIKD will hire an attorney to contest your ticket in court and pay any fees necessary, including any additional costs that may arise. You will be constantly updated on your case’s progress throughout the process.

It also offers point protection, meaning you won’t have any points added to your license. If for any reason TIKD is unable to win your case and points are in fact added, TIKD will give you your money back and pay for your ticket.

In addition, the app offers a ticket payment plan, where you can pay your ticket in three installments, along with a small service fee.

While it may sound too good to be true, it’s not. Since its inception in February 2017, TIKD has saved customers $100,000 in fines and nearly $4 million in insurance costs. The company is the brainchild of CEO Chris Riley, who came up with the idea for TIKD when he was caught in a speed trap and forced to pay hundreds of dollars for barely going over the speed limit. Riley is now offering a way to successfully fight off traffic tickets, specifically for those who are fined for very minor offenses.

“These aren’t people doing overtly unsafe things,” said Riley. “No DUIs or people drag racing or going 30 mph over the speed limit. It’s everyday mistakes that people make.”

TIKD is currently available in just a handful of cities—Atlanta, Washington D.C, Baltimore and parts of Florida—but its goal is to be in 30 major American markets by this time next year.