Ours is a culture that likes to throw things away. Read into that what you like, but we consume and trash and consume and trash, and that’s the life we know. Most things just aren’t built with the same level of integrity as they once were because companies want consumers to buy more–and more often–which can be a financial drain on the average shopper. But now there’s a way to search for products that will last you a lifetime: A new site called Buy Me Once is connecting people with unbreakable items.

The founder of the site, Tara Button, used to write TV commercials and content for newspaper and radio ads. One day, she signed on to do some work with Le Creuset, the cookware company whose products are known for their longevity and high quality. She thought to herself how nice it would be if all things were made so well. When she tried to find a site that sold only products that would last a long time, she couldn’t find one—so she decided to create one.

Button chooses products to put on her site that she believes will last a lifetime. Most of these products also come with substantial guarantees and warrantees—even lifetime, no-matter-what guarantees. Customers are able to send most items back to the company if there’s a problem.

“I’m looking for the companies that are really trying and trying to cut down on this throwaway culture,” Button says. “Patagonia offers free fixing of their clothes. Nobody does that, and half of us don’t know how to sew anymore.”

Button’s site does not sell items directly, but it does link to the sites of stores whose products she endorses. Her site does get a cut of any sales it generates, but her mission is simply to provide a source for people who want to buy worthwhile, quality products. Through her service she hopes to help the world cut down on waste. By changing consumer mindset, Buy Me Once could change the way industries work in the U.S. Some items will be expensive, because their overall cost will be lower, consumers may very well be willing to spend the extra money on a product they can trust.