The Galactic Starcruiser, the expensive and immersive Star Wars hotel in Disney World Resort, is beginning to cut rates in response to poor sales.

Disney Company opened the hotel in 2022. It only has 100 rooms, and guests get to eat and play with costumed actors, being sent on ‘missions’ (scavenger hunts) and ‘gather information’ in two-day-long games setting them into the Star Wars universe.

Prices were always expected to be high, but they turned out to be frankly out of this world. $5000 for a couple or $6000 for a family of four, for a two-night experience. (Two nights is required. Not one, three, or four.) Rooms have no windows and are tight and small. Which makes sense, as the story of the Galactic Starcruiser is that it’s a luxury cruise ship in space, but the conditions don’t match that price. Park tickets and drinks aren’t included in the price or even discounted, and the hotel has few of the usual resort amenities – no pool, for instance. The dinner show isn’t well designed, with many tables unable to see most of it.

Even with so few rooms, Disney has struggled to sell them out. In November, the company announced discounts of up to 30% to members of their timeshare program Disney Vacation Club. Deals for the DVC are common, but 30% is unusual.

Apparently, what Disney has found is there there is a limit to how much money Star Wars fans will spend with them, and how many Star Wars fans have thousands of dollars to spare. Beginning this February, even non-DVC guests can get Galactic Starcruiser discounts for the first time – up to $700 off their experience if they also book accommodations at another Disney World hotel in the nights before or after. (With some blackout dates, because this is still Disney)

Photo: Nick N A / Shutterstock

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