Nine-year-old Tristan Jacobson wants nothing more than for his legal guardian, Donnie Davis, to become his mom. Unfortunately, the Springfield, Missouri woman can’t afford to pay the high costs of a legal adoption. So Tristan came up with an idea that’s quite ubiquitous in the world of child entrepreneurs: a lemonade stand.

Tristan and his family hoped to raise $5,000 through the lemonade stand, a yard sale, and an adoption fund. Yet they had no idea that this story would go viral (and end up on national news outlets like “Good Morning America”) or that it would bring people from all over the country to their little lemonade shack. Davis said she needed about $10,000 to cover the legal fees. In total, Tristan made $7000.

Tristan’s story began when his biological father impregnated his teenage mom, who wasn’t able to care for an infant. Davis, who was the man’s wife at the time, took Tristan in until his birth mother came for him when he was four. What followed was a year of abuse and neglect, after which Tristan was sent back to Davis and her new husband for good.

An adoption would ensure his safety and security, so the couple has financially cut corners in every way possible. Tristan came up with the idea for a lemonade stand, and now the adoption will become a reality.

Tristan told the Springfield News-Ledger that it was his idea to help, as nothing matters more than this adoption.

“She will be my parent,” he said. “I’m happy because I have a new mom who loves me.”

After the news of the lemonade stand got out, people flocked to their Adoption Fund page, where Davis originally hoped to raise $5,000. The total funds raised currently stands just below $18,000. Davis said that all extra funds will go toward Tristan’s education.