There are many qualities that you look for in friends, colleagues, and the other people you want in your life. The type of co-workers we work with can have a huge influence on us, especially because we see them almost everyday. Below are four qualities managers and hiring directors should be looking for in future employees.

They make us feel smarter than we are. These are the people who share the knowledge of a great idea. They don’t claim others ideas as their own and really have a team mindset. They make the group feel like any idea is collaboratively everyone’s idea. This makes everyone want to work harder and with a greater sense of purpose, making a project more likely to succeed.

They don’t take everything personally. You know those coworkers. The type that makes everything about themselves and we are all just running around in their universe. No matter what happens, they are the victim of any situation or negative event. We want to work with people who improve the lives of people around them.

They always find the silver lining. We all know that work can get incredibly stressful and difficult at times. When tensions are running high and deadlines are looming, it can be hard to stay positive. But it’s always essential to have that person who is a great teammate and recognizes all the smaller victories and keeps a positive attitude regardless of the situation.

They think before they speak and act. There are always reactive people at any job. But then everyone in the office knows that individual is a hot head. It makes it harder to trust them and even more stressful to work with them. Employees who think first, reflect and then react are always the most poised