Delta Airlines is working on keeping your furry friends safe. As it is changing its prices and policies for traveling with animals, Delta has partnered with CarePod, a pet travel startup that makes vacationing with your pets safe, easy and reliable.

“Demand for pet shipments is strong and we are always looking for ways to create a best-in-class travel experience for pets and their owners,” said Shawn Cole, vice president for Delta Cargo. “Working with a start-up like CarePod allows Delta the flexibility to enhance our service in new and innovative ways. We are able to think big, start small, and learn fast to solve specific customer needs.”

Delta will have a team of trained specialists to take care of pets throughout the entire journey, which includes overnight kenneling services, temperature-controlled holding areas and real-time GPS tracking services for pet shipment—all of which are important parts of CarePod’s business model.

The Singapore-based company offers airlines (and passengers) monitoring, tracking and logistics software for all traveling animals, while boasting high-end transporting pods that are compliant with the standards set by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Jenny Pan, Founder and CEO of CarePod, sees this partnership with Delta as a way to revolutionize the pet travel industry.

“Our innovative use of technology and breakthrough engineering solutions are matched by our passion for pet safety, comfort, and security,” Pan said. “Our goal is to transform the future of pet travel, and to be able to work with Delta in delivering a better experience for its customers is an exciting step.”

Delta stopped accepting pets as checked luggage back in 2016, primarily due to the excessive criticism other airlines received for pet deaths in checked carriers. For pets who couldn’t travel as carry-ons, Delta would ship animals at prices that could reach more than $1,000 for larger pets. Prices for transporting a pet via cargo will now be based on the size of the kennel and not the weight of the animal.

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