Texas Tech Jobs

Austin, Texas skyline IMG: KENNY TONG / Shutterstock.com

Move over Silicon Valley – Texas is becoming the hot spot for startups and technology.

Dice.com, one of the nation’s largest websites for technology jobs and careers, put together a list of the top 10 fastest growing states for technology. The Lone Star State made the biggest impact this year, adding more than 8,000 tech jobs to the economy, a 6% jump in their total number of tech employees (which is more than 143,000). That 6% carried them from their fourth place spot on last year’s list to the very top in 2014. Companies like Verizon Wireless and Match.com call Texas their home.

The second fastest growing state is Florida, where more than 4,000 tech jobs were added (that’s a 5.6% jump) in just the first half of the year (and almost the same as all of 2013, which totaled around $4,500). Florida is shaping up to be a major player in the world of technology – the state created techCAMP, which provides training for teachers and teens in programming, design and all other aspects of technology.

Third place is North Carolina, which saw a 3.8% increase in tech jobs (boasting more than 2,000 available positions). Programmers looking for work should keep North Carolina in mind – their growth in the industry is indefinite.

Oregon comes in at number four with a 3.6% increase, due to the expansive startup communities and prime location (as in, right in the middle of the country’s two current tech giants). The influx of funding and ideas is bringing more tech jobs to the Pacific Northwest each and every day.

Rounding out the top five is Washington, to very little surprise. While it’s already fast-tracked its way to the big leagues, it is still growing at an impressive rate (3.5%). Now that software maker Oracle is moving their headquarters to Washington, the tech opportunities are bound to grow ten-fold.

New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Michigan and Missouri round out the top 10, respectively.