Rathna Sharad runway2street

Rathna Sharad, co-founder of runway2street.

Business Bigwigs had the chance to personally interview an emerging Seattle entrepreneur, Rathna Sharad. She is the Co-Founder and CEO of runway2street, an international luxury brand marketplace. Prior to launching her new business, Sharad worked as the Director of Product Management at Microsoft. She started her professional career working as a developer, and slowly transitioned to leading technology and IT teams in the transportation and logistics space at UPS.

Sharad came up with the idea for runway2street after traveling abroad. She found countless local designers that created high-quality pieces that she loved, but found no way to order more for her or her friends when she returned back to the United States. Her “love for fashion, background in technology and international logistics and desire to solve this problem for brands and consumers, led to the creation of runway2street.”

To read our entire interview with Rathna Sharad and learn more about runway2street, check out her profile.

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