Tucker Carlson is fired as Fox News tries to rally against major lawsuit losses over voting lies.

Fox News announced on April 11, 2021, that it would be parting ways with Tucker Carlson, one of its most popular hosts. The announcement came after Carlson had been with the network for fourteen years, with his own show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” for thirteen.

Carlson’s departure from Fox News comes after months of controversy surrounding his remarks on the COVID-19 pandemic, racial justice, and other hot-button issues. In recent months, Carlson has been implicated in litigation leveraged against Fox News over their defamation of voting machine company Dominion Voting Systems. A Fox producer who was fired from Carlson’s show testified that she’d been pressured to lie under oath in the Dominion case. Fox settled with Dominion for nearly $800 million, and similar lawsuits are on their way from other defamed companies.

Despite the controversy, Carlson’s departure from Fox News is still a surprise to many, especially him. He ended his last episode with a confident “We’ll be back on Monday.”

The decision to part ways with Carlson is a major shake-up for Fox News, which has long been known for its radically conservative political views and outspoken personalities. Carlson’s departure may signal a shift in the network’s overall tone and approach to news and opinion.

In the wake of Carlson’s departure, many are speculating about what his next move will be. Some believe that he may launch his own media venture, while others think that he may join another network or platform.

Regardless of what happens next, Carlson’s departure from Fox News is likely to have a significant impact on the media landscape in the United States. Carlson’s unique brand of right-wing populism has resonated with many viewers, fueling racism and bigotry, and recently, support for Putin and Russia. His departure from the network may leave a void in the conservative media ecosystem, and it’s worth paying attention to what fills it.

Photo: L.E.MORMILE / Shutterstock