Amazon Prime is bringing clothes straight to your closet with Amazon Prime Wardrobe.

Amazon recently released the news that it will be entering the at-home fashion craze, and while it is still in beta, Prime members can sign up for notifications on Wardrobe’s status. The cost is included in the Prime membership.

So what is Amazon Prime Wardrobe?

It’s an option for Prime members to try on clothes, including name/designer brands, in the comfort of their own homes. Whatever a customer likes, they can keep, and the more items they choose to buy, the more savings Amazon offers on each item (up to 20 percent). As with other subscription boxes, if a customer doesn’t want something, they can ship it back for free—they can even schedule a free pickup so UPS will come to them. A customer picks anywhere from three to 15 items, and then gets a full week to decide what they like and don’t like.

While this is no different than what Stitch Fix and Trunk Club offer, Amazon is banking on name recognition to get people interested, especially men. And unlike the other companies, Amazon Prime Wardrobe is offering clothes for children and infants—including shoes and accessories. Add that to the reliability Prime members have come to expect and it’s bound to get a following.

The popularity of at-home wardrobe shopping has risen over the last few years as more people shy away from brick-and-mortar stores to do most of their spending online. Companies saw the apprehension people had about buying clothes sight unseen (ill-fitting, return shipping costs, etc.) and came up with a stress-free, foolproof way of buying clothes online. For those who hate dressing rooms and extreme lighting, this option is a dream come true. For those who don’t have time to browse through shops, this is a lifesaver.

No specific date has been given for the Wardrobe launch.

Photo via Pixabay