is bringing Thomas Weisel, Jon Pedersen, and Mark Santino to Accelerate 2017 to discuss innovations at the intersection of business and tech.

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Every year gives businesses a huge opportunity: a four-day conference on the intersection of the latest scientific discoveries and how they can strengthen and provide new opportunities for businesses. Attendees can listen to a wide variety of guests—some of the biggest names from the world’s most successful companies—trading tips and discussing cutting edge trends.

Recently, added several new guest speakers to their panels for this year’s event, called Accelerate 2017:

  • Thomas Weisel, co-chairman of Stifel Financial Company, brings years of experience in the investment banking sphere, as well as insight into the formation of what’s now known as Silicon Valley. This makes him well suited to provide insight into how technology can affect business.
  • Jon Pedersen, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Markets, Sales, and Shared Services at iHeartMedia, offers an insider’s view of innovation at leading media companies. His professional experience includes positions at Price Waterhouse, Warner Music Group, and SNAP Interactive.
  • Mark Santino, Sales Business Development Executive of Worldwide Cybersecurity Sales at Cisco Systems, brings the up-and-coming field of cybersecurity to light. As an award-winning sales and sales operations leader, he also has a plethora of advice on best sales practices in the technological age.

Accelerate is organized like a TEDtalk, with keynote speakers, general sessions, breakout groups, entertainment, and networking opportunities. It is scheduled to run February 13-16 at Utah’s Snowbird Ski Resort. This will be the event’s fourth year. is uniquely qualified to host the Accelerate events. They created the first AI-powered predictive sales acceleration platform using Neuralytics. The company’s focus is on helping the industry improve sales by incorporating lessons from both the business and technology worlds. They’ve won many awards for their work, including being named to the CNBC Disruptor 50 and Forbes Cloud 100 lists. And they’re no strangers to working with big business: their clients include ADP, Microsoft, and Groupon.

“We believe that science is the key to unlocking human potential,” says’s website. They continue to back up this value with the Accelerate event and the many opportunities it brings.