Emolument.com, a website for salary statistics and data, recently analyzed global salaries of more than 600 entry-level employees from the top tech companies in the world. The data was submitted by the employees–mostly from the United States and Europe–and Emolument was able to list the top 10 tech companies where junior employees are guaranteed an above average starting salary.*

  1. Amazon tops the list for beginning pay at $109,000 (median salary) and a $22,000 bonus. Not bad for a first time gig!
  1. Apple’s median starting salary is a base of $104,000 and a $16,000 starting bonus. Like Amazon, Apple pays six-figures to ensure they are attracting–and getting–the best talent from the recent graduating pool.
  1. Google offers some generous perks for new hires, but the pay is significantly lower than the top two on this list. The median starting salary is $86,000 with a bonus of $20,000.
  1. Cisco Systems: The median starting salary is $67,000 with a $1,000 bonus.
  1. Oracle: While the starting salary is nice for newbies–$67,000–there are no bonuses for junior employees.
  1. Microsoft: Although the tech giant doesn’t pay as high some of its peers, their $58,000 salary is still considered generous for entry level pay. Most newbies can also expect a $9,000 bonus.
  1. Telefonica is a Spanish telecoms firm that pays entry level workers nicely for the area: $45,000 with a bonus of $4,000.
  1. Orange: The telecommunications company pays a median entry level salary of $48,000 with no bonuses.
  1. IBM ties with Orange, as they too pay $48,000 with no bonus.
  1. SAP: The German software company rounds out the top ten with a median starting salary of $44,000, but it comes with a bonus of $4,000, putting it on equal footing with the prior two companies on the list.

*Salaries are reported in British Pounds but were converted into U.S. dollars by CNNMoney.com.