Being a new employee, especially in a first job, can feel very intimidating. And even if you aren’t new, it can be difficult to get up in front of a room or even to voice your opinion in a meeting. Outside of continuing to practice and take the opportunities to improve these skills and build confidence, there are several other tips to developing the most confident, professional version of you.

First, always strive for competence. To actually be good at your job, you have to do more than “fake it until you make it.” You need to stay up to speed on what is going on in your industry as well as within your office. When you feel more knowledgeable about a topic you will feel ready to voice your opinion, present ideas and take the lead on projects. Good ways to stay on top of this is organizing your inbox, setting up Google alerts for your industry and all competitors, and keeping tabs on other departments in your company.

Being friendly in a professional way with your coworkers can also increase your confidence. It is essential to have good relationships at work to maintain your happiness. If you dread going into work everyday, how can you ever feel comfortable there? Don’t fall into a clique at work and always be nice to everyone. Make people feel like they can trust you. Don’t get involved in the gossip talks, instead, encourage everyone around you.

Take pride in how you look. It may sound cliché, but “dressing for success” is a good way to get ahead and feel instantly more confident. If you are worried about your looks after lunch, keep a compact mirror, toothbrush, mouthwash and floss in your desk. You are at the office for hours a day so it’s good to keep any sort of make up on hand. It’s not all about appearance but when you feel confident, others can tell.

Now get out there and show them the best you!