Circle, Circle Digital CurrencyCircle is a brand-new digital currency firm and one-stop-shop for users worldwide to store, transfer, spend and receive their digital assets at the touch of a button. Still in its rollout phase, Circle just acquired $17 million from venture capitalists that will be used to strengthen their digital cloud services.

Currently, Circle is an invitation only platform. The company, which was founded by Brightcove founder Jeremy Allaire, said that product will formally launch to the public later this year.

“We are thrilled to have such a strong showing of support and vote of confidence from world-class investors and strategic individuals as we move into the commercial phase of Circle,” Allaire said in a statement. “With accelerating consumer and business interest in digital currency all around the world, it’s critical that we have the capital and leadership team to execute on our vision for consumer finance and global payments built on bitcoin.”

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