PinterestJust like its social media competitors, business insiders are predicting that Pinterest will soon start running more ads on its popular pinboard-style social platform. Millions of people around the world use Pinterest in their personal lives and for work; it’s simply one of the most popular resources for sharing just about anything with friends or fans online. Explains Business Insider, “A job posting for a front-end ad engineer hints that Pinterest is looking to start rolling out advertising more aggressively in the near future,” of its predictions about Pinterest’s foray into more assertive advertising practices in the near future.

It comes as no surprise to many that Pinterest would want to start generating a profit by implementing “Promoted Pins” or another similar advertising strategy. Earlier this year, Instagram users were surprised to see “sponsored photos” starting to show up on their feeds, but for many other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, advertising and allowing users to market their brands has been a part of their success for some time. Business Insider agrees, explaining, “Ads on Pinterest make a lot of sense, because brands have already starting swarming the site,” about the ways in which Pinterest already exists as a product and image-driven online environment.


Advertising through social media platforms has simply become a commonplace practice for many businesses. Companies and brands as big as Hobby Lobby, Parenting Magazine, Whole Foods, the Travel Channel, Etsy, and countless others have utilized Pinterest as part of their business strategy. There may be no better social media platform available to better visually represent what these brands have to offer. Why wouldn’t Pinterest want to capitalize on its popularity and generate more profit by sponsoring pins?

So far, Pinterest hasn’t released any concrete details about their plans to implement more ads, but if you’re a Pinterest user, you might experience some changes on the website soon. You can get more insights on Pinterest’s changing ad strategy by visiting Business Insider.

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