Known for its racy commercials of scantily clad women, web domain service GoDaddy took a new direction in advertising for Super Bowl Sunday. Racecar driver and model Danica Patrick donned a realistic muscle suit for the $4 million ad. The commercial focused on GoDaddy’s new marketing tool Get Found.

GoDaddy's Spokeswomen, Danica Patrick.

GoDaddy’s Spokeswomen, Danica Patrick.
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Introduced last week, Get Found aims to help small businesses manage their online profiles across social media sites and search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, Foursquare, Facebook, Yellowpages, and others. Customers looking for business information typically go to these services from their personal mobile devices. Regular websites aren’t cutting it anymore, as customers want to document their experiences with check-ins, reviews, and more.

The tool will allow businesses to publish basic information including phone number, hours of operation, photos and menus across search engines and social media.

It’s also another way for businesses to save time from maintaining numerous websites.

“When customers see missing or inaccurate information about your business, they go to a competitor,” said GoDaddy VP/General Manager of Discovery Marketing Products Rene Reinsberg. “Businesses miss potential revenue when information is missing or inaccurate. With Get Found, businesses will never miss out on a new customer because they didn’t change their address, phone number or hours of operation.”

Focused on serving the small businesses, GoDaddy recently launched its new motto “Go Time.” CEO and Board Director Blake Irving explained to AZTechBeat that most small businesses articulate that no one is there to help them. The company hopes to provide the tools and safety net needed to run their businesses.

To learn more about Blake Irving, you can visit his new profile on Business Bigwigs.

Check out GoDaddy’s 2014 Super Bowl ad below: