A trendy new vegan restaurant is popping up in new locations after having only been open for business since July. The restaurant, By Chloe, thinks of itself as a vegan response to the popular Shake Shack. All food served at By Chloe is completely vegan, and their house-made burgers, pastas, salads, and juices are flying out of the kitchen. Co-founder Chloe Coscarelli says that the most difficult part of operating the business is keeping up with the high volume of customers—and finding time to sleep.

By Chloe is the product of a partnership between cookbook author and vegan chef Coscarelli and Samantha Wasser, winner of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars and Creative Director of ESquared Hospitality. They hoped to make vegan food more delicious and more accessible to people in New York.

“We saw a need for delicious everyday vegan food, and I always had a hard time figuring out where to find it,” says Coscarelli. “I’d finish a busy day of work and want a satisfying meal without having to make a reservation at a fancy restaurant or indulge in something unhealthy.”

Though By Chloe doesn’t serve meat, it is backed by ESquared, a steakhouse chain. But that doesn’t bother Coscarelli, who wanted to make use of ESquared’s reach and knowledge. She has no concerns about her business’s partnership with ESquared, hoping only to serve healthy and hearty meals to anyone who comes through By Chloe’s doors. And now that sustainable practices, organic produce, and vegetarianism are more common than ever, that’s a lot of people.

Even before they opened the doors on the very first day of business at their initial location, a line formed in front of the restaurant. “I didn’t believe [Samantha] at first, and then she brought me upstairs and sure enough, there was a line. It was unreal for us to think that within minutes we’d be sharing two years’ worth of work with real customers,” Coscarelli says.

Wasser and Coscarelli agree that their favorite moment in the business so far was when By Chloe was named as the most successful restaurant of 2015 by Grub Street, an important food and review magazine in New York.