Mark Zuckerberg

IMG: Scott Beale / Laughing Squid

One of the more prominent names in tech and social media, Mark Zuckerberg has been notable in the public eye ever since he helped to come up with the idea for in 2004 with four of his schoolmates from Harvard University.

Facebook has become a smash success. First starting as an exclusive social network for college students only, it currently has over 1.1 billion users around the world. Users are made up of all ages and nationalities.

At this moment, Zuckerberg serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Facebook, which became a publicly traded company in 2012. He is a distinguished philanthropist as well; Zuckerberg founded Start-up: Education and donated $100 million to Newark Public School in Newark, New Jersey. He also started the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

To learn more about Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, check out his full profile here.

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