Starbucks' famous logo

Starbucks’ famous logo

Serving more than 15 million customers per week, Starbucks is a staple of American life. But it wasn’t always that way. Only in recent years has the chain coffee stor exploded onto nearly every corner in big cities like New York and Seattle.

A big part of the reason the coffee giant has succeeded so well is because of the innovative and creative man who runs the company–Howard Schultz. He originally started at Starbucks as the director of marketing, later leaving to start his own company after he visited Italy and wanted to bring the espresso-sold-on-the-street back to the U.S. Just a year after beginning his own venture, he merged his company with Starbucks, purchasing it for $3.8 million.

Today the company is worth far more. It’s known for its many types of drinks, modern but cozy cafés, sound business practices, and more. Find out more about Howard Schultz, the man behind the coffee magic, by reading our full profile on him.