Silicon Valley’s famous “unicorn” companies seem to spring up almost overnight and rake in hundreds of millions of dollars very quickly. This may cause one to wonder: what would it be like to work at one of these companies? Is the work fast-paced and grueling? How are the benefits and pay? How do you set up a corporate structure quickly that will stand the test of time?

Some of these questions are easier to answer than others. Luckily, thanks to a Tech Crunch study that leveraged data from Glassdoor, we have some answers in terms of the pay. The following is their list of the top 20 best-paying tech startups, when measuring the median wage of the company. High-paying jobs are one great way to snag talent in the world of tech startups.

An interesting note about this list is that the median wage for employees does not necessarily match the valuation of the company, meaning some of these companies are paying their employees even better when compared to how much the company is worth as a whole. For example, DocuSign, led by CEO and Chairman Keith Krach, comes in at #19, though their estimated value falls in at roughly $3 billion. This value is much lower than a lot of the other companies on this list, so even being near the bottom of this ranking isn’t a bad thing!

  1. Cloudera—$142,240
  2. Jawbone—$130,000
  3. Medallia—$121,920
  4. Pinterest—$118,420
  5. Dropbox—$116,840
  6. Airbnb—$116,840
  7. Kabam—$116,840
  8. App Dynamics—$114,218
  9. Credit Karma—Credit Karma is a new addition to the list, recently adding $175 million to make the cut.
  10. Okta—$110,000
  11. MongoDB—$109,728
  12. Planatir—$105,000
  13. Twilio—$105,000
  14. AppNexus—$104,550
  15. Uber—$101,600
  16. Eventbrite—$101,600
  17. Zuora—$96,736
  18. Gilt Group—$95,000
  19. DocuSign—$85,000
  20. MediaMath—$80,264