Chances are you have heard before that if you want to achieve your biggest money goals it is crucial to adopt the good habits that will help you get there. But how do you actually do that? We are all wired to be happiness seekers so if we want to adopt new habits we need to rewire our brains. So, now there are ways to trick yourself into saving those extra dollars and making it fun.

Allocating a big portion of your budget each month for debt repayment isn’t enjoyable for anyone even if you are excited about the idea of being debt free some day. However, a little bribery to you can go a long way. Pick a small tangible reward that is meaningful to you and then enlist the help of someone you know. Tell your friend what you are aiming to do and then make them promise you to give you the reward once you pass that milestone. Your reward can be something from a new book to a fun night out.

Trick your brain into embracing the saving. For many people saving for retirement is a faraway goal and it can be a bigger struggle to see beyond today and into decades away from now. Print out photos of beautiful places you want to visit or the loved ones you’ll spend time with during your golden years. Frame it and create a vision board and suddenly saving for retirement becomes an exciting investment in a happy future that you can visually see.

Boosting your credit score is no easy feat because some of us have a long way to go before our rating is considered healthy. But, you do not have to be miserable in the process. Increase the fun factor and increase the fun factor by creating a credit score contest to celebrate every time your score reaches a higher notch.