Technology has advanced the way we think about money in innovative, sometimes surprising ways. Because of mobile technology, people now have easy access to tons of options to avoid big banks, ditch a bit of traditional credit card usage and even pay their friends. Here are three mobile app options that are changing the way people use and perceive credit cards, checks and ATMs.


This app is for those who love to go out in big groups and often find themselves splitting the bill at the end of the night. While before it was a mental tab of how much a person owed their friend, or asking the waiter as she shook her head in anger if she could spilt the check 15 ways, now you can instantly transfer money to friends. Venmo allows you to link the app to your credit and debit cards and allows you to pay your friends peer-to-peer with the tab of a phone.


Big banks may claim their apps are linked with little banks in your pocket, but GoBank really is just that. As a partner of Walmart, the app is a bank without a brick-and-mortar location, overdraft fees, minimum balance requirement or penalty fees. You can use a variety of GoBank-approved ATMs for free, deposit checks and send friends money through an email address. It’s a bank that exists exclusively on a person’s phone, and fits an array of different lifestyles and needs.


Simple is a banking app that provides a debit card and checking/savings account along with budgetary tools. Simple has no overdraft fees, or account maintenance fees. The app also provides an in-depth interactive report that tracks spending over time, making the data available by category and merchant