Twitter Re-Design

As you can see, the new Twitter is a lot more updated than the previous layout.

With Twitter updating a refreshed look to their home page and user page accounts, a lot of companies are following suit, sprucing up their accounts and taking the plunge into social media. Twitter’s latest design will alter the way individuals and businesses use the site. Tweets and user pages are no longer restricted in functionality, and will be displayed in new ways. This can make for some big changes in how businesses interact with their customers.

It’s now possible to ‘pin’ tweets of your choice on your profile, ensuring a top tweet a company wants to focus on, whether it be promotional or business related, stays at the top of the page. Additionally, tweets that are successful, with multiple favorites and re-tweets, will be considered “best tweets” and will appear on the profile page longer.

Twitter Inc. has a market capitalization of over $18 billion, and is among the largest companies in the Internet Software & Services sector. Currently, Twitter has nearly 650 million active users on its site, and some companies, initially skeptical about its longevity, are now taking the social media path seriously and stepping into the digital realm.

Twitter has revolutionized how companies can communicate with their customers. KKR, one of the oldest private equity firms, recently sent out its very first tweet, establishing a social media presence the company did not have before. Ken Mehlman, a global head of public affairs and partner of KKR, stated that he hoped the social media platform would help establish transparency in businesses with their investors, clients and fans of their product.

Said Mr. Mehlman, “We hope that Twitter provides another outlet for this conversation.”