Rivet & Sway

IMG: via Rivet & Sway.

Rivet & Sway is a two-year-old Seattle based startup boutique specializing in higher-end spectacles for women. Rivet prides itself in making eyewear shopping as simple as possible, with a low cost (frames are $169 for the first pair, $99 each additional) and a showroom full of good quality frames and lenses. Last year they received $2 million in funding from venture capital firm Mousse Partners.

The goal for the company was to make shopping for glasses as simple as possible. Rivet & Sway’s CEO Sarah Bryar explains, “The foundation of Rivet & Sway’s value proposition is also the customer experience. We found that women in particular view buying glasses as a chore: it’s time consuming, uninspiring, and way too expensive. We saw an opportunity to create a better solution — specifically for women who want and deserve better.”

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