Imgur's founder Alan Schaaf.

Imgur’s founder Alan Schaaf. IMG: via Imgur.

Imgur is an image hosting website that has more than one million images uploaded daily by tens of millions of users. Founded in 2009 by then college student Alan Schaaf, Imgur turned into an instant success and is on its way to becoming a heavy player in the startup world. The company recently received $40 million from venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.

Schaaf came up with the idea for the site after spending time on the online community Reddit discussing how hard it is to find good images online.  Schaaf decided to then create the image hosting site, which in 2011, left Ohio for San Francisco to ensconce itself in the Internet startup world.

“We’d had a few meetings with firms over the last several years, and we just never really clicked,” Schaaf says. “But when we went to Andreessen Horowitz, we were all soon laughing, talking about new product ideas for Imgur.” Taking lead for the Silicon Valley firm is Lars Dalgaard, who will join the companies’ board.

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