“Work smart, not hard.” A campaign in the 1970s used this slogan to promote college educations. That was in a time when far fewer Americans attended college. That was from a time when, to get a job, you didn’t necessarily have to go to college.

Today, things are a little bit different. Getting almost any kind of career job requires a college degree. In some of the country’s most highly educated cities, people without college degrees can find themselves unable to even find work as customer service associates or food service workers.

Getting a college degree certainly isn’t a bad thing, but it’s also important that people learn to work hard as well as smart. That’s why Mike Rowe’s newest entrepreneurial endeavor is incredibly inspiring. The host of “Dirty Jobs” for eight seasons, Rowe has now launched a nonprofit organization called Profoundly Disconnected to help eliminate the skills gap in American employment. One poster being sold on the site reads, “Work smart not and hard.” Well played, sir.

While Mike Rowe may not be a business mogul, he is a successful businessman of sorts, functioning as the host of a hugely popular show for nearly a decade. To learn more about Mike Rowe and his latest venture into the business and nonprofit world, check out his profile page.