Campbell's CEO Denise Morrison. Image:

Campbell’s CEO Denise Morrison.

Campbell Soup Company, more popularly referred to as Campbell’s prides itself on innovation–especially since Denise Morrison took on the position of CEO. Morrison prides herself on creating “innovation centers” where existing products are constantly being improved and new products are being created.

Campbell’s has a long history, beginning in 1869 with founders Joseph A. Campbell and Abraham Anderson. Campbell was a fruit merchant and Anderson was an icebox manufacturer, and together the two produced and sold canned tomatoes, vegetables, jellies, soups, condiments, and minced meats. Since then, their product line has vastly expanded; today Campbell’s sells products in 120 different countries.

Andy Warhol's Campbell's Soup Pop Art. Image:

Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Pop Art.

Andy Warhol permanently ingrained the classic Campbell’s soup labels into the world’s mind with his famous silk screen prints during the pop art movement. In 2012, as a special commemoration of the artist’s work, Campbell’s released a special line of soup cans that were “Warhol-inspired,” trading out their classic colors for some of Warhol’s more creative choices.

The slogan, “Mmm Mmm Good,” has been used by Campbell’s since the late 1970s, and the company has played on that slogan throughout the years. For example, from 2008-2010, the slogan, “So Many Many Reasons It’s So Mmm Mmm Good” was used in commercials and other ads. Today, the company has chosen to use “It’s Amazing What  Soup Can Do!” alongside the classic “Mmm Mmm Good.”

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