Gyms in New York City are notoriously expensive, thanks in part to the high cost of rent and limited space. For ClassPass members who enjoy hopping from gym to gym to try all the latest workouts, their wallets are about to get smaller.

ClassPass prices in New York City are on the rise, moving up drastically from $125 per month to $190 – a price that is bound to shock many of its members.

But ClassPass CEO Payal Kadakia told the Huffington Post that these new prices (which come with tiered membership plans) will fall in line with a personalized workout regimen for every client who wants to pick and choose how often they use the service.

“A one-size-fits-all membership is not diverse enough to serve all of our members’ unique needs, which is why we have decided to roll out new plans. We wanted an easier entry point for new users who have an appetite for boutique fitness as well as the ability to keep offering an exceptional experience to those who love our unlimited product.”

Truth be told, these new prices are bound to make a few people happy. Classes in New York are overpacked and overbooked – due to the popularity of programs like ClassPass. A higher price point will give members less hassle and less competition, thus making their workout experience much more enjoyable than it currently is.

The $190 membership fee will be for those who want to continue their unlimited access to classes around the city (it’s $190 for current members, $200 for new). As an alternative, members can pay $75 for five classes per month or $125 for 10 classes per month ($135 for new members).

ClassPass works on a month-to-month basis, so no members are grandfathered into the old prices, but they also won’t have to pay the increase if they choose not to. New prices are already in effect.