Mindy Kaling Girls With Code

Mindy Kaling is a guest speaker at the “Made With Code” launch event. IMG via TechCrunch.

Google is determined to have more girls in technology, and is helping the cause by launching Made with Code.

In a post on Google’s official blog, YouTube Chief Executive Susan Wojcicki states that there are “far too few young girls” pursuing similar careers. Less than 1% of high school girls, she said, express interest in majoring in computer science.

“This is an issue that hits home for me,” Wojcicki said. “My school-age daughter instinctively knows how to play games, watch videos and chat with friends online. She understands technology. And she likes using technology. But she never expressed any interest in creating it herself.”

Google is investing $50 million into this program over the next three years. This initiative has gained the attention of several well-known people and groups, including Mindy Kaling, Chelsea Clinton, MIT Media, Girls Scouts of the USA, Girls Inc., Girls Who Code, the National Center for Women and Information Technology, and TechCrunch as a media partner.

The program will give girls and their parents resources they can use to find information about local events, camps, classes and clubs. It will also reward teachers who support girls who take computer science courses on Codecademy or Khan Academy.

The event included speeches from several women including Pixar’s Danielle Feinberg, Miral Kotb, Chelsea Clinton and Mindy Kaling. Icona Pop performed at the event.

“I think what is cool about [Made with Code] is that they’re making an attempt to make coding something that girls can bond with each other over, which is all I wanted as a teenager, so I think that’s going to hopefully make a huge impact,” Mindy Kaling said at the launch event.

To learn more about Made with Code head to madewithcode.com, and check out the video from TechCrunch below: