iOS 8

Tim Cook Debuts iOS 8 at this year’s WWDC conference.
IMG: via Apple.

Apple’s World Wide Developer conference didn’t follow tradition this year. Instead of debuting their new “it gadget,” Apple focused on its operating systems and how its phones and computers will run in the future.

The new version of iOS seems to be exciting not just for Apple enthusiasts but for Apple itself. With iOS 8, you’ll be able to access your phone through your Mac (and let’s be honest, if you have an iPhone there’s a good chance you also own a MacBook). Now, so far none of this is new technology. You can do this with Android and Bluetooth. But if you’re an Apple fanatic, there’s pleasure in knowing you can start a message on your Mac book and finish it on your phone.

The updated iOS system has everyone talking. With iOS 8, individual apps can read each other – sharing data from one app to another. If you’re listening to your favorite band on Spotify, your Amazon app will tell you when their new album will be for sale, and your StubHub app can tell you when tickets for their show will go on sale, and I’m sure some clothing store app will know exactly what you need to wear to their concert. Basically, it does all the work for you. And it’s secure. Your Android can’t do that.


IMG: via Apple.

Parents are going to love the new iOS feature that requires kids to ask permission before buying anything through the iTunes store. If your teenager wants to buy the new unedited Eminem song or Minecraft, you can say no.

Another great revelation from the World Wide Developer conference: the fingerprint scanner. As an Android user, I envy the scanner and wish I had one (but my phone is old too, so maybe this is my fault). Apple is now using a new API, meaning your fingerprints aren’t just for accessing your phone, but for purchasing apps as well. Once again, this will save you time, and it’s secure.

Oh, Apple will also now let users share their apps. It’s a one-stop shop!

So yes, Apple didn’t announce a new iWatch or anything fancy, but it is giving current users some major enhancements to their products, and that is always a good thing.