David MacNeil

David MacNeil IMG: via Forbes.

David MacNeil is the CEO of WeatherTech, a high-end, custom car mat producer bringing in $400 million in sales worldwide. WeatherTech stands out by being owned and operated solely in America, using American materials handled by American workers. MacNeil hopes the success of his company shows other entrepreneurs that they don’t have to outsource their work in order to make a profit.

The 55-year-old business owner has been running his Chicago-based mat company, for more than two decades. His idea for the company came in 1988 when he was working as the vice president of U.S. sales for the automotive company AMG and noticed how poor the quality of the mats were, even though they were serving luxury vehicles. MacNeil took a gamble and a $50,000 second mortgage to import expensive mats from the United Kingdom.

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