In October 2013, nine Bangladesh factory workers were killed in a fire at the Aswad Composite Mills, a factory with which Gap, Inc. admitted to having an indirect link (it said it had used fabric that was made at Aswad, as opposed to working in the factory itself).

Cut to this week when the website debuts, telling the world about Gap’s plans to donate $200,000 to the victims of the Aswad fire, along with joining Bangladesh’s Accord on Fire and Building Safety, a group of European retailers who have taken up the cause of financially supporting accident victims and their families.

Gap Does More came just in time for the company’s annual shareholder meeting where they were celebrating their decision to up all minimum wage pay to $10 an hour. Talk about caring for little guy!

Here’s the problem: the site is fake. is in no way affiliated with Gap, Inc., and Gap has no intention of donating that money to the fire victims or joining the Fire and Building Safety consortium. All of that information was fabricated.

That’s not to say Gap doesn’t care, because they do. Gap is a founding member of the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety, along with having a recorded history of donating money to victims of factory fires. While they have no direct link to the Rana Plaza disaster (the Bangladesh factory that collapsed months prior to Aswad, killing more than 1100 workers), Gap made an undisclosed contribution to the Donor Trust Fund, an organization hoping to earn $40 million in reparations for the victims’ families.

It’s peculiar for an outside organization to play a hoax on a company that would make them look better, but Tuesday night the Asian American activist network “18 Million Rising” took credit for the site, hoping it would encourage Gap to improve the lives of workers in third world countries.

“This is not about a hoax on the company,” 18 Million Rising said in a statement. “It’s about justice for the workers who make the company possible.”