Soul Fjord

IMG: via Soul Fjord

Soul Fjord, the newest game release from Airtight Games, is due out this holiday season and could be the perfect gift for gamer friends and family. The release date hasn’t been officially set yet, but Soul Fjord’s website update on November 8th makes it clear that the game will be ready any day now:

“We are putting the finishing touches and polish on Soul Fjord now and hope to have it out and in your hands by the holiday season,” the update reads. “We have been running internal playtests lately and making some adjustments based on the feedback we have been getting, everyone who has tried Soul Fjord has really enjoyed it so we can’t wait to get [it] into the hands of the amazing OUYA community.”

What is Soul Fjord, exactly? It’s a “unique randomly generated, dungeon crawler with rhythm-based combat set in a fantasy universe where the genres of 70’s Funk and Soul has melded with Norse mythology.” In other words, it’s an incredibly unique and quirky game that sounds like a lot of fun.

Soul Fjord is the latest project from former Valve developer Kim Swift, who led the team that created the insanely popular Portal game in 2007. Check out Kim’s full profile to read more about her exceptional success as a young female in the video game industry.