Custom Phone Case

Custom Phone Case. IMG: via Shutterfly

It’s that time of year again: the holidays. Finding the perfect gift for each of our loved ones can be an adventure—but it can also be a challenge. And for those family members and friends who are in love with tech, it can be hard to find a gift that’s affordable. Luckily, we’ve tracked down 6 holiday gifts for your tech-savvy friends, 5 of which are under $50.

Custom Smartphone/Tablet Case

Whether you’re using a picture of your face for your mom, or a beach day photo with you and your best friend, customized cases can be a great gift! They don’t have to be made from a picture you took, either; you can pick every color and aspect about the case so it’s exactly the way you want it. Try Shutterfly ($34.99 and up).

Stands For Tablet

Using a tablet as a recipe book can be great, but can easily be dropped or dripped on. Try the Belkin Chef Stand and Stylus ($29.99).

Q Card iPhone Case - A Wallet and Case in One

Q Card iPhone Case. IMG: via CM4.

Wallet/Phone Case

Sometimes taking a wallet out (especially for girls who have tiny pockets) can be really annoying. There are several new phone cases that allow you to bring your money and cards with your phone. Try the Q Card case ($39.99).

The Tile App – An App That Finds Your Keys

Do you know someone who is constantly misplacing his or her keys or purse? The “Tile” Bluetooth-enabled object can be attached to any item. You then download the app on your iPhone or iPad. Your lost item is now trackable via your app. ($19.95).

Touchscreen Capable Gloves

Have you ever been out in the cold and needed to check the bus time or how much money you had in your bank account? These gloves make using your touchscreen much easier, and still keep your hands warm. On the cheaper and less-warm side, try Target’s Exhilaration touch screen gloves ($3), or for a cozier feel, try Photojojo’s touchscreen gloves ($30).

Everpurse - A Purse That Charges Your Phone

Everpurse – A Purse That Charges Your Phone. IMG: via Everpurse.

A Purse/Clutch that Charges Your Phone

What could be more perfect than that? You forgot to charge your phone before you went out, but hey, your purse will take care of that for you. There is a special charging pocking in your purse for your phone. The purse itself can be charged at home on a wireless charging mat, ensuring that you never run out of battery while out and about. While they are a bit pricey, these purses are high quality (some are leather) and stylish. Everpurse supports iPhones 4/4S 5/5S/5C and Galaxy S3/S4. ($189-$329).