Samsung is one of the top producers of smartphones today. Once on the brink of disaster, the technology company is now at the top of its game, rivaling Apple for most of the market. The South Korean company is known for innovation, and that’s something that smartphone makers must continuously do. Technology moves at lightning speed these days, and if you’re not ahead of the game, then you’re behind.

Jong Yong Yun


LG, a smaller South Korean electronics company, is doing its very best to catch up with Samsung—both companies recently revealed new curved smartphone models, available only in South Korea currently.

According to LG, the vertically curved six-inch display screen on its new model will allow for a more immersive video experience. Samsung and Apple currently dominate the smartphone market, while LG and several other smaller companies are trying to win over users.

Samsung wasn’t always a technology leader, and was at one point a very troubled company in the midst of an Asian market crisis. It was brought back to life by former CEO Jong Yong Yun, who headed the company until 2008. Check out Yun’s profile here.