During the last decade, small businesses that once thrived have suffered during times of unexpected economic strains. Without the right plan in place, even the most established companies can suffer, as has certainly been a harrowing reality for many companies in recent history. Staff writer for the Queens Tribune Trisha Sakhuja recently profiled the strategies of the Mattone Group LLC, a family-owned business that has found ways to overcome, and even flourish, during economically challenging times.

The Mattone Group is a Queens-based development and construction company with decades of experience in property management and real estate. The prominent development group is led by brothers Carl Mattone and Michael Mattone, who serve as President and Chief Financial Officer, respectively. What is the group’s most valuable quality to employ during times of economic hardship? According to the Queens Tribune, it’s adaptability.


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Trisha Sakuja writes, “As the commercial real estate market is constantly changing in Queens, so is the Mattone Group’s ability to adapt to the diverse market conditions by expanding their portfolio, ranging from commercial, to residential and industrial development.” The group’s most recent work includes the construction and development of the luxury condominium Azure in the Upper East Side, which has already sold more than 80% of its units. Another recent project is the development of the Jamaica Center in Queens, a large-scale commercial space that benefits not only the Mattone Group, but also the Queens community by creating hundreds of jobs and boosting its economy.

Of the group’s economic impact in Queens, New York, and its ability to adapt, Michael Mattone explains, “We look at it this way – we are making money, but we have also proudly created 1,000 jobs in the area.” Mattone also attributes the group’s ability to fair well to maintaining relatively low debt levels and being smart about development locations. With 45 years of successful investment and development projects, the Mattone Group is surely a model for how to weather economic hard times.